About Us

Ukiyo [u-key-yo]

Our story: A brand by residents, for residents

From beginners to experts, Ukiyo is a fitness brand that is designed for everyone.  We want to encourage everyone to work out, to look after themselves, to become fitter and happier. Just like this city has taught us tolerance, our philosophy is that fitness is for everyone, no matter the level of performance. 

Based in the incredible city of Dubai, we noticed the lack of high-quality fitness and yoga equipment in the local market. Quality is our main criterium. Ukiyo products are well-made, durable and our yoga range, in particular, focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly materials - from natural rubber over cork to jute. We offer a wide range of fitness equipment to accommodate everyone's need to start their fitness journey and we made sure that we made a long-lasting product to fit your life-long commitment to fitness.

And if you're wondering, Ukiyo means “living in the moment”.
UKIYO: Living in the moment