1. Do you ship worldwide?

Outside of the UAE, we currently only ship our Yoga products across the GCC region which includes: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.

2. What is your warranty policy?

All our product come with a 1 year warranty policy. Normal wear and tear will be considered regarding evaluation any claims to product defects.

3. What are Ukiyo mats composed of?

Unlike most mats on the market, most of our line which includes The Mat, The 5mm Mat, The Jute and The Cork are composed of natural and eco-friendly materials like natural rubber, jute fibers and natural cork. Such materials provide great antimicrobial elements which keep your mat germ free. 

4. My mat is slippery, how can I fix it?

Its quite normal for a brand new mat to be slippery. We recommend spraying a bit of water across the mat and let the material absorb it. Over time and with usage the yoga mat will break in and you will notice improved grip.

5. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Getting in touch with us with your inquiry and we'd be pleased to discuss info@weareukiyo.com